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Last Update: 20-5-2018
Theses related to Ilkhanid subject

* The role of Caucasus in the foreign relations of Iran in Ilkhanid and Timurian eras by Mohammad Hasani

* The Educational organization in Ilkhanid era by Robabeh Bigdeli

*  The Cultural situation of Azerbaijan in Ilkhanid era by Roghaye Amini

*The Symbol and sign in Islamic architecture; selective studying about mosques in Ilkhanid era by Safoura Mollaei

* Life, era, and historiography of Shahab al-Din Mohammad Khorandezi Zeidary Nasawi (D. 647A.H.)

* Historical studying of reasons of singling out and the situation of Capitals of Iran from the beginning of Mogul to the end of Timurian by Robabeh Bayat

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