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Last Update: 14-2-2018
Development of The Department of Architecture, Restoration and Urban Group

Architecture Group
this group of experts which is formed by architectural monuments, is able to study specifically on the remaining architectural monuments of the Mughal period and draw the architectural features of this period.
Restoration Group
Today many Monuments, coins, paintings and tiles of Mughal period is detected or identified, That over the time, parts of them have been destroyed. The mentioned group based on the scientific background will be able to consult with various scientific groups and restore them. Today huge budgets are dedicated for restoration of monuments such as Soltanieh Dome to Office of Cultural Heritage that because of the lack of competent scientific groups in this field is spend by mentioned department and is a kind of fee Waste. With formation of Restoration Group, members of the gropu can obtain the restoration of Monuments of Mughal period as Operational projects. 
Urban Group
After that Mongols became Muslim, Urban development became very important. During this period, some cities were built by the Ilkhani Mughals and some others developed. For example, the city of Soltaniyeh which was first Prairie Meadows turned to the center of an empire. Studying the characteristics of urban development of this period will be the purpose of this group.

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